Monday, March 5, 2012


That’s so crazy you guys are in Denver, I totally remember being there just last year, this last year went by crazy fast. I remember that was when the US played Canada in hockey and Dad and I tried forever to get that on his computer so we could watch it, but we never could get it. Here's a few photo's from this week.

I’m jealous you guys went and saw Brian Reagan ha-ha, I bet he was pretty hilarious, he always reminded me of Kevin Eddy for some reason. Make sure you tell Alex congrats for me, that’s crazy how everything is just kind of falling into place for him nicely, hopefully that keeps working out well for him.

As for us it was another crazy week here ha-ha. Every day just gets crazier and crazier, but it has been really fun this week. For Tuesday it was Carnival, which apparently is a Brazilian holiday where everyone walks around naked and throws glitter filled eggs and flower at each other, or at least that is what I could understand it as. Needless to say, we were not allowed to leave the house all day. Suuuper boring. Days fly when you have things to do, but when you can’t work, holy crap. I never thought that day was going to end. I watched every single preach my gospel DVD, like 3 hours, watched 17 Miracles (which I highly recommend you buy), and read like 50 chapters in D&C ha-ha.

But after that day the week flew buy. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty normal, but Friday was awesome, we had divisions with our district leader, Elder Hales, he is from Ogden area and has about 6 months on his mission. It was probably one of the most fun days here for me. It was nice being in charge of all the appointments and stuff and it was really nice to speak a little bit in English, but we had a really good day, and then that night, we went to a members house pretty late, the Relief Society pres called us and invited us over to eat enchiladas (same as tostadas in the states) and they were unbelievably good. I was seriously in heaven. They were kind of freaky and had some questionable foods on them but I ate like ten. They had like mayo and carrots and beets and stuff on them, but seriously one of the top ten best meals of my life.

Then on Saturday we studied all morning and then met up with my comp and Hales´ comp at one of our members two-year-old birthday party ha-ha. Yeah, the Elders all took a turn on the piñata, yeah I rocked it. I am not even joking. I was just thinking to myself, I am in Guatemala, at a two year olds birthday party, swinging at a piñata. Not many Americans can say that they have done that before. ha-ha.

And now it’s p-day again. I love p-days. We have some really cool zone leaders who hate playing soccer, which is perfect because I hate playing soccer, but they had a member who is a carpenter make them a baseball bat. And the zone rode on some bus way out to the middle of nowhere to a baseball field and we played baseball with tennis balls all morning. It was awesome. Then we always go to a member’s restaurant as a zone and eat, I got a hamburger. My oh my, I do love America. Anyways, other than getting eaten alive by fleas every night, (btw in your next care package send more bug bite cream) everything has been really good. I am in a really fun, calm area with good members. Not a lot to complain about. The food this week has been a lot more...normal. No more stories about that, anyways. I love you guys. Tell everyone to send emails, because I still haven’t gotten any mail ha-ha. Probably never will. That’s all right,

Talk to you guys next week!

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